I am a dedicated Family Lawyer in Brighton & Hove

My name is Lynne Passmore and I set up my law firm in Brighton, Lynne Passmore Family Law, in order to work differently with my clients when a relationship breaks down. I no longer go to court but will work collaboratively with another lawyer and a couple or alone with a couple as a mediator to find solutions which work for their individual circumstances. Where children are involved this means always putting them first.

When parents separate children too will need time to adjust, to grieve and to react. They need space to express their feelings and time to ask questions. Parents need to be there to support them and if they don’t have the answers children seek need to let them know that they are working on finding solutions together.

Maintaining open communication with the other parent is essential and avoiding a prolonged court process is a must in order to avoid negativity. Agreeing a parenting plan can help couples to think about the various issues which will arise following their separation and again help to focus on positives for the future.Getting the right support and advice at the beginning can help a couple to ensure that they work positively to redefine their relationship as parents and to resolve other aspects of their separation, including financial agreements. Having a professional support network in place is essential and working to resolve potential disputes amicably will avoid a great deal of pain.

Lynne Passmore

Working With a Network of Professionals

This is why I work closely with a network of professionals (including financial advisors, counsellors and coaches) who have wide ranging skills to help work through all the issues which arise when a relationship ends. They can provide appropriate advice and support at each stage of the process. To consolidate the close working relationship and to provide the best support for clients I helped to establish Sussex Family Solutions (http://sussexfamilysolutions.com).

It is also why I helped to establish a local Parenting after Parting Program, together with collaborative lawyer, Jo O’Sullivan, run by IRIS Brighton (http://www.irisbrighton.co.uk/) and why I support OnePlusOne (http://www.oneplusone.org.uk/) and the valuable work they do with individuals and couples to improve their relationships and parenting skills.

I am a member of Resolution and trained in Collaborative Family Law in 2007. I am also a family law mediator and hybrid mediator in Brighton.

I am committed to a non adversarial approach to family law.

In my relationships with my clients I am practical, sympathetic and supportive.

I am a solicitor, collaborative family lawyer trained by Resolution, an accredited family mediator and a hybrid mediator.

I am the Sole Director of Lynne Passmore Limited, trading as Lynne Passmore Family Law.