Collaborative Process (Collaborative Family Law)

Collaborative Process provides the opportunity for couples to work together with their collaborative lawyers with the aim of achieving an outcome that works for them and their family.

It provides an alternative to the court process and more traditional type of negotiation which is driven by solicitors engaging in corespondence and arms length, partisan negotiation.

Discussion takes place around the table in a series of four way meetings involving you, your partner and your respective collaborative lawyers. We engage in open, honest and dignified communication which allows you to set out the issues important to you and enables the two of you to achieve a tailor made agreement. If children are involved their needs always come first.

We are all required to sign up to a contractual agreement known as a Participation Agreement which sets out how the process is to take place and which precludes the involvement of the court save for the purpose of their approving any agreement reached between you.

The aim is to allow couples to deal with their issues respectfully and in private, whilst concentrating on what matters most to them.