Mediation offers couples the opportunity to work together with a trained family mediator who will help them to make the best arrangements for their future. This may include discussion about the future care of their children or about how their finances might be organised.

As a Family Mediator I will guide you to ensure that you have the right information in order to develop and work through options in order to find a solution which works for you and your family.

The approach adopted will be tailored to your needs which may involve working with me as a sole Mediator, together with another mediator in co-mediation or supported by another professional, for example and parenting expert or financial coach.

You retain control of the timing and the outcome, guided through the process in a supported way to find the best solution for your individual circumstances.

Family mediation is undertaken under the Family Mediation Code of Practice of Resolution (

I am also one of the few mediators in the country to offer hybrid mediation which is a forum for more complex cases and high conflict couples which encourages the involvement of legal representatives in the process offering advice and support during and alongside the mediation sessions.

For more information about mediation and how it can work for you please contact me for an initial conversation.

Complaints about mediation are handled by The Family Mediation Standard’s Board (