Divorce/Civil Partnership Dissolution & Separation

The end of any relationship is a time of turmoil and emotional distress.

How you deal with the choices which inevitably need to be made will have an enormous impact on you and your family. It is possible to have an amicable divorce.

Taking time to come to terms with the personal impact and managing the process in the way which best suits you will be of utmost importance.

I can provide a safe environment and clear advice on divorce, the dissolution of a civil partnership or a separation.

In order to divorce or pursue the dissolution of a civil partnership the court requires evidence that your relationship has broken down irretrievably. This can be illustrated in one of five ways (four for a civil partnership dissolution).

We currently have a fault based process in England and Wales which means that unless you wish to wait for a period in excess of two years following your separation you are required to allege fault on the part of your partner.

This can of course potentially be divisive where you are hoping to part amicably or with dignity.

It is my experience that if we can deal with the content of a fault based petition openly and in agreement with your partner then the goodwill which allows us to negotiate other aspects of your separation can be maintained.

For those who prefer to wait and petition on the grounds of separation then a Separation Agreement can be drawn up where appropriate to deal with the issues in the interim, following separation but prior to divorce or dissolution.

Please contact me to discuss your specific needs.