Relationship Agreements

At the outset of your life together it can seam unromantic to consider the financial and practical issues which might govern how your relationship will work and what will happen if it goes wrong.

However it is often better to consider the worst case scenario with a clear head and positive attitude at the outset than to try to unravel things later on when emotions are running high and anger may cloud your judgement.

Entering into any type of ‘relationship contract’ can be a positive process with you and your respective lawyers working closely together.

The Supreme Court decision in the case of Radmacher and Granatino has brought the issue of pre nuptial agreements to the fore. I can help you to decide whether entering such an agreement is right for you.

I am experienced in drafting pre nuptial, post nuptial and living together agreements and am happy to advise whether entering into an agreement is likely to be beneficial in your case.