Flexible Approaches With You in Mind


I will help you to achieve the outcome which best suits your individual circumstances and that of your family.

I offer a free, no obligation, telephone conversation during which we can consider the process options and identify the process most appropriate to your particular circumstances (for example collaborative process, mediation or constructive negotiation). I also offer an initial fixed fee meeting which will last about 1 hour at a cost of £150 including VAT. Thereafter I charge at an hourly rate.

You don’t need to come to me. If it helps you to meet me at your office then I will travel to you. On occasion where a meeting is not possible then we can consider a discussion by Skype.

My aim is to minimise reliance on paper and wherever possible our communication will be by telephone or e-mail. This means the process can move forward quickly and without reliance on the post.

  • Collaborative Family Law
    Collaborative Process is a system in which couples work together with their collaborative lawyers with the aim of achieving an outcome that works for them and their family.
  • Constructive Negotiation
    Collaborative Process may not be suitable for everyone and some couples may not feel able to meet around a table or if they are may not wish totally exclude the option of resorting to the court if their negotiations breakdown
  • Other Options Of Legal Advice
    In some cases it is not possible for couples to reach agreement and a Judge will need to determine the outcome. If it transpires that this is the situation in your case then I will help you to find the appropriate lawyer to help take you through the process.
  • Transparent Legal Fees
    My costs will be transparent.