Other Options

  1. Contested Proceedings
  2. In some cases it is not possible for couples to reach agreement or to have a collaborative divorce and a Judge will need to determine the outcome. If it transpires that this is the situation in your case then I will help you through the court process to ensure the best possible approach and where necessary enlisting assisstance from other experts such as barristers, financial advisors and actuaries.

  3. Legal advice alongside Family Mediation
  4. Family Mediation enables couples to achieve a negotiated outcome with the help of a neutral third party without court intervention. You are in control of the process. I can refer you to a local mediator. Within a mediated settlement each party may benefit from independent legal advice during the process and in order to implement any mediated agreement. I can assist in providing such advice and drafting papers for the court.

  5. Ad hoc Advice
  6. I appreciate that you may wish to deal with certain aspects of the legal process yourself, for example on line divorce petitions. I am happy to provide ad hoc advice along the way.