Parenting Children

It is essential for parents who are separating to work together to minimise the negative impact of their relationship breakdown on their children.

During the emotional turmoil of a relationship breakdown it is not always easy to put the needs of your children first. Maintaining open communication with the other parent is essential and avoiding a prolonged court process is a must if you are to avoid negativity. I can help you to put together a parenting agreement for you and your partner to cover the various issues which will arise following your separation.

I can also work with you to look at options and to help you find the support you need to minimise parental conflict. I have been working with IRIS Brighton, Family and Relationship specialists, who have put together a programme for parents who are separating. This is structured to provide information to help you to help your children, before, during and after you separate. You can see the work that IRIS do by visiting their website at

The programme involves couples or individual parents attending at a course run by IRIS. For couples a bespoke programme can be agreed which is likely to involve attendance at 2 sessions at a cost of £350 per couple. Alternatively group sessions are available which will be spread over approximately 6 hours split into 2-3 sessions. The cost will be £95 per parent or £190 per couple.

These sessions will cover a number of issues, including talking to your children about your impending separation, difficult conversations, identifying what your children need, how to appraoch co-parenting post separation including contact arrangements and how to handle changing circumstances, for example, the involvement of a new partner or the arrival of a new baby.

For more information about what is being offered or to find out dates for future group sessions please contact Penny Coombes at IRIS direct on 01273 315430 or at

I also work closely with other experts who can offer support and guidance to parents and to you as an individual.

Where appropriate professionals can join us in round table meetings, particularly within the collaborative process.